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Why Outsourced BI Systems Support (OBISS) is the Best Solution for your BI Investment

Outsourced BI Systems Support (OBISS)

We wanted to design something that would appeal to our clients that were interested in BI support, system maintenance and needed guidance for the future of their data culture. Thus OBISS was created. Read the FAQ below to discover why OBISS is a good solution for your organization.

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What is Outsourced Business Intelligence Systems Support (OBISS) from WCI Consulting?

  • OBISS is an outsourced support structure for a company’s BI initiatives. It’s not maintenance, nor a help desk. It is consulting and advising based on our 16 years of experience and knowledge in many different verticals, markets and environments.
  • OBISS from WCI Consulting is the full package that allows companies to not have to hire somebody full time to do all of the support when there is not a need for it, but still have access to highly skilled consultants who have expertise and experience with BI technologies and best practices.
  • Within OBISS, WCI ensures future success by proactively addressing and performing training needs to make sure that end user adoption of a customer’s environment is set as a ”best in class” practice.


Who uses it?

  • Any organization that wants to leverage a cost effective model for managing, servicing and supporting their BI infrastructure.
  • OBISS solution impacts everyone in the organization and since data is the backbone of any company it will in some way reach everyone in the organization. We see that the trend is moving towards business intelligence access across all departments in the organization.


Why did OBISS get developed?

  • We noticed that after projects our clients would try and tackle periodic issues themselves through positions that would carry multiple responsibilities. What ended up happening was that business intelligence, even though it was incredibly important to the company, became a lost endeavour within the organization. And when enough issues piled up the consulting cost compounded.
  • We saw that our clients were facing the common struggle of finding a consultant that had a high level of experience and skills in BI but was only needed for short or intermittent periods.
  • Our customers wanted a way to afford consulting and advisory services that were not only economical but that also provided knowledge across multiple tools.


Why is normal consulting not the approach to every project?

  • Cost is often a factor. We wanted to create an accessible option without comprising our competency level.
  • Fulltime consulting is not needed because the project may not require the full time and comprehension of a senior level consultant.
  • We do want to note that we see consulting and support as two different things. Sometimes you need an issue resolved and we’re there for you with our years of experience of going through that same issue many times before, but what you get with WCI OBISS is support that’s wrapped in consulting. We are proactive and always working on how your organization can improve upon its data culture.


What size of company is interested in OBISS?

  • This solution appeals to both mid and large enterprises depending on their internal systems and how fast they are growing.
  • One thing we’ve seen that’s extremely successful is using OBISS to meet the data systems support needs while a company is growing their center of excellence. We’ve had clients look to us for advice when the BI requirements increase and full time staff is needed, all the while maintaining their systems at an optimal level with no interruptions.


Are there comparable services?

  • There is no one that is providing this level of service and knowledge on-demand while taking into consideration an organization’s data culture and how to best grow it. Our OBISS customers express this sentiment and have noted that when your business is depending on accurate reporting they see WCI as their go to organization for best-in-class data and business intelligence knowledge.



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