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AWS Immersion Days

Hands-on AWS workshop with a Certified Amazon Network Partner

Overview of the AWS Workshop Day

6 hours • On-Site/In-Person or Virtual • 8+ Attendees

As an Amazon Network Partner, WCI Data Solutions conducts AWS Immersion Day programs. These workshops provide a full day of hands-on training delivered virtually or in-person to organizations looking for a crash course on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Our workshops provide an in-depth AWS overview and live training to help your team build highly scalable web applications. You’ll get an understanding of the AWS essentials you need.

Your AWS Immersion Day can focus on:

  • General AWS Tools & Technologies
  • Serverless Data Lake with AWS
  • Serverless Computing on AWS
  • Amazon Redshift Cloud Data Warehousing
  • Microsoft Workloads on AWS
  • Data Engineering on AWS
  • Migrating databases to AWS
About Wci Data Solutions Aws Immersion Days At Wci Consulting

The Benefits of AWS Immersion Days

By the end of the Immersion Day training, your team will examine multiple use cases and walk away with valuable insights on how to leverage AWS in your business. This workshop will optimize your cloud computing expertise and develop the building blocks of AWS’s architecture. 

Through this premier package, you will learn how to leverage AWS services to enable cloud transformation within your organization and get first-hand experience with core AWS services like EC2, S3, and VPC. Walk away with a better understanding of AWS architecture best practices for building highly scalable web applications.

Who Is Immersion Day For? 

If you’re new to using AWS and are looking for a hands-on introduction, Immersion Day is excellent for you to join. This workshop will teach you the basics of the AWS platform, give you a better understanding of how to utilize its features, and train your team on architecture best practices. Many of our attendees include executive sponsors, cloud architects, IT stakeholders, application development teams, and additional business stakeholders. If you’re unsure if AWS Immersion Days are right for you, feel free to reach out to our team.Schedule Your AWS Immersion Day

Why WCI? More Than Just Hands-On AWS Training

Beyond hands-on training, our team of experts can answer the questions you want to know and share with you our first-hand experience in the field. Think of us as more than just a teacher: we’re your partner. We understand that security cannot be taken lightly, and every organization has different hurdles to conquer. Bring your questions, notes, and (most importantly), your concerns to our team for real answers and insight.

What’s Included: Workshops, Training, and Tools For Effective AWS Security

This immersion day training helps demonstrate AWS’ security capabilities and features in an interactive and hands-on format. At the end of this full-day workshop, your team will understand the strategies, tools, and skills to build secure cloud environments through AWS.

AWS Immersion Day Workshops include:

  • An introduction to AWS and overview on how to navigate its offerings
  • Database training
  • Hands-on practice with core AWS services
  • Review of AWS architecture best practices
  • Containers
  • Big Data
  • Machine Learning

Register for your AWS Immersion Day

6 hour • In-Person/On-Site or Virtual • 8+ Attendees

Schedule your guided, hands-on AWS Immersion experience today and find in how WCI and Amazon Web Services will help better your business.