A Man Getting Hands-On Training From A Certified Amazon Network Partner During Wci'S Aws Immersion Days.

AWS Immersion Days

Hands-on AWS workshop with a Certified Amazon Network Partner

Master AWS in One Day: Join Our Immersion Workshop

6 hours • On-Site/In-Person or Virtual • 8+ Attendees

If you’re new to AWS and yearning for a hands-on introduction, WCI’s AWS Immersion Days are tailored just for you. Imagine unlocking the full potential of AWS, optimizing your cloud computing expertise, and building a solid foundation in AWS architecture. At WCI, we invite your team to explore multiple use cases and gain invaluable insights on how to leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS) to propel your organization forward.

As an Amazon Network Partner, WCI Data Solutions conducts AWS Immersion Day programs. These workshops provide a full day of hands-on training delivered virtually or in-person to organizations looking for a crash course on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Our workshops provide an in-depth AWS overview and live training to help your team build highly scalable web applications. You’ll get an understanding of the AWS essentials you need.

Your AWS Immersion Day can focus on:

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6 hour • In-Person/On-Site or Virtual • 8+ Attendees

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