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Data Management Consulting

Your Data is an Asset. Manage it.

As data management consultants, we know the data management consulting sector is full of buzz words such as; big data, master data management strategy, ETL, data cleansing, real-time data, in-memory data, agile data and more.  Unfortunately, words don’t make a sound strategy.

The reality is that there are complex and real challenges with data today; no longer does a data management strategy consist of on-premise enterprise data strategy.  Online sources of information, company mergers, and acquisitions changing ERP sources and unstructured data analysis and exploration requirements are all current challenges.  These issues are not going away and will not be easier to deal with in the future. WCI knows the environment your business is facing and we’re ready to deliver data management consulting that fits into your long-term plan.


Data Management Consulting and Data Management Strategy | WCI Consulting

WCI Data Management Solutions

WCI Data Management Consulting provides services in the areas of data warehousing, enterprise data strategydata modeling, data mining, data analysis, data migration, big data consulting, data cleansing, master data management, and integration services. Our goal for data management consulting is to ensure decision makers have accurate and relevant information to make fact-based decisions.

We make sure your business is set up to succeed in data management through:

Data Strategy

Data Strategy Development

Roadmap creation

Data unification


Integration Services

Establishing Architecture

Find the right tools for your business needs

Implement master repositories for data

Ensure accurate and consistent methods for data capture



Revealing a Single Truth

Connect data across multiple systems

Enable cross-functional analysis

Allow for a holistic view of information


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