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Azure Cloud Data Management

Azure Cloud Data Management

Specialized Cloud Management Consultants helping you leverage the unique strengths of Azure

Expert Assistance With Azure Managed Cloud Services

WCI Consulting offers Azure Cloud Data Management services to teams just like yours looking to streamline their resources, expand their infrastructure, and gain built-in security and compliance. 

Sound familiar to you? Receive expert assistance where it matters, and experience all that Azure Virtual Private Cloud has to offer.

You chose Azure. Now what?

Whether your business is still searching for a private cloud setup to manage your data or you’ve already decided Microsoft Azure is right for you, the next steps aren’t always easy. 

  1. Set up.
  2. Build-out.
  3. Ongoing management.

Azure’s resources can be confusing to navigate. While architecture design, security, and development operations of “the Cloud” are all strengths of this powerful tool, understanding how to harness them can be daunting and can distract from your core business focus. 

No more headaches trying to manage your data or finding a team member to attempt to. When you work with WCI, you gain an outsourced partner who really feels like a part of your team. Because we understand it’s more than just a tool: it’s your business. 


WCI Consulting helps with private cloud setup to manage your data

WCI provides expert Azure cloud data management.

Business person analyzing financial statistics displayed on the tablet screen

Value you can see.

Using our Managed Azure Service means you can focus on revenue-generating tasks and rely on our expert team to manage your infrastructure for you. 


With WCI’s Managed Azure Services, we help you: 

  1. Maximize your investments. 
  2. Reduce your operating costs
  3. Connect Multiple Environments
  4. Mitigate Risk

Trusted Over 20 Years

The right business intelligence solution should always deliver more than you expect. So should your business intelligence and data management consulting partner. At WCI Consulting, we’ve done just that since 1998.

WCI has also been working with cloud technology since its inception, and we’re familiar with how best to approach migrations to Azure so that your business receives the least amount of downtime possible. 

Mitigate risks.

Improve tools and automations.

Connect multiple environments with ease

The Power of Private Cloud Azure

Innovate faster. Work smarter. The list goes on.

With the Azure Cloud management Platform, your business capabilities are only just beginning. Azure’s databases seamlessly integrate with analytics, business intelligence solutions, DevOps tools, and more. 

Azure also supports a range of deployment options, popular stacks and languages, and a comprehensive set of data engines. WCI is here to help your team capitalize on this tool’s flexibility, performance, scale, and security. 

What’s the next step?

Virtual or On-Site Discovery Session

Meet with one of our Senior Solutions Architects to talk about your ideas or challenges, and start the journey of discovering insight into your data.

Proposed Solutions

After the session, we’ll review, summarize, and provide a comprehensive list of appropriate solutions.

Get Started with Smarter Data

Upon agreement of scope and approved solution, WCI and your team will get to work developing a solution that achieves your objectives.

Helping you grow through Microsoft Azure

As an experienced Azure management consulting developer, WCI offers specialized Azure consulting services and has a team of experts ready to help. Are you ready to take the next step in your business?