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DevOps Consulting

Accelerate the Development Process with DevOps Consulting from WCI

 Why DevOps?

Businesses are under intense pressure to quickly deliver new services and adapt to existing ones, and manage this all without disrupting current applications. In order to make this a reality, a new way of working emerged within the product development creation chain. The existing methodologies, that were structured and rigid, gave way to agile movement and reshaped the way development teams worked with the product teams. This is now known as DevOps.

Streamlining the flow of product development is the central idea of DevOps. During the entire product lifecycle teams work together and communicate nonstop. Whether it’s designing, product building, testing, deploying or operating, every stage is worked on collaboratively to ensure everyone is on the same page. The flow isn’t about checkpoints, but about building a culture of cooperation between development and operations.

Although this may sound intuitive, it’s not industry standard and the transformation isn’t easy. Development and operations/product teams are notorious for butting heads due to an ingrained way of doing things. The complexity of developing a new approach to application creation can cause delays, damage your bottom line, and disrupt your business. This can be mitigated by understanding what needs to change and the right steps to take when it comes to incorporating DevOps.

How WCI Can Help With DevOps

If you’re reading this and know that your business needs to take a step in the DevOps direction, we are here to guide you! WCI has experience in placing DevOps consultants at various companies in several industries. We know how to make the transition and find the right people to fit into your DevOps strategy.

WCI can help you navigate these challenges—guiding your DevOps vision, strategy and roadmap, and transforming this into operational reality. Our team of skilled, consulting specialists will also help you reconstruct your product development culture, so your business can use the right architecture and methodology to accelerate the development process.

DevOps consulting from WCI includes:


By analyzing the current development processes, WCI will define the use cases for DevOps, and whether or not DevOps is right for your organization.



WCI will work with your business to create a DevOps architecture and recommend the right set of tools, as well as how to ensure a collaborative workflow.



Since DevOps is a fairly new field, it can be hard to find the right person to fill this role. WCI can help you find the right fit for your organization.  


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