Master Data Management Consulting

How Well Do You Know Your Data?

Consistency in data is at the forefront of a businesses success. Reporting standardization and regulatory compliance have prompted companies to explore Master Data Management solutions. Disparate systems in your environment have different names, thus you will get a variety of results when you’re looking for the same thing. Even though you may have a workaround now, over time this won’t stick and will result in lost business opportunities. Data isn’t just a nice to have in business anymore, it’s your competitive advantage.

Improve the Consistency and Accuracy of your Data

To circumvent data inconsistencies you need to identify a single version of truth in your data. The unified source of data will allow you to ask questions and have confidence in the answers your queries provide.  Through Master Data Management you can have a single view of customers, products, suppliers, inventory, employees and any other variables that are important to you.

WCI Consulting will help you with Master Data Management Consulting by:

  • Understanding the goals of your business and how an MDM strategy can fulfill them
  • Identifying the critical master data
  • Determining how data is organized and stored
  • Identifying owners of data
  • Evaluating whether a single domain or multi-domain is best
  • Determining whether the MDM implementation is operation,  enterprise or analytics
  • Developing the master data model
  • Identifying every task that needs to have gone through a well-developed governance program
  • Ensuring quality control

When it comes to creating a Master Data Management strategy it can get complicated quick. To ensure the integrity of your data you can depend on the years of experience that WCI Consulting brings to the table. Reach out to us in the form below to get a 1/2 day data discovery session with a senior architect.

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