Azure Data Analytics

Advantages of Azure Data Analytics

Businesses are rapidly abandoning their high-cost database management systems, ETLs, or other bulky reporting software and looking for solutions that simplify their data processing programs. 

Instead, they are choosing to migrate to Microsoft Azure because of Data Analytics.


These businesses want to modernize their business intelligence and update their legacy data warehouses to a system that is easy to manage, processes data on demand, and is instantly scalable.

By using Azure for data analysis and visualization, organizations like yours benefit from a broad and rich ecosystem, including a powerful set of analytics services to ensure your success.

Custom Azure Data Analytics Solution for Your Needs

By using Azure for data analytics services, organizations like yours benefit from a broad and rich ecosystem, including a robust set of services to ensure that they are in place to guarantee your success.

Tired of wasting time looking for an analytics solution that actually works? Our services are specifically designed for businesses like yours. 

By outsourcing your problems to us, we can save you valuable time and put in place the infrastructure you need to become more visible, gather better data, and improve overall efficiencies and stability. No more headaches or lengthy phone calls on hold with support teams.

Your Partner for Gathering, Analyzing, and Collaborating.

WCI enables customers to not only start their journey into Azure cloud adoption but also guides them down the path of exiting those burdensome licensing relationships. 

We understand the pains you have with your current software programs – and are here to tell you that you don’t need to waste your time with them anymore. Our trained experts understand complexities and roadblocks your team may not even know exist yet. Allow us to troubleshoot these areas, put in place an infrastructure that works for you, and be a trusted and friendly partner along the way. 

WCI enables customers to not only start their journey into Azure cloud adoption, but also guides them down the path of exiting those burdensome licensing relationships.

Our Process


Start with a Free On-site Discovery Session — Meet with a senior solutions architect to tell us more about your data challenges and goals.



Next, we Review the Proposed Solutions — After the session, we’ll summarize, evaluate, and provide a list of data management solutions and project outline.


After that, we start the Solution Development Process — After the agreement is signed, WCI and your team will work together to develop the right solution that meets your project goals.



Lastly, we move into Training and Support — This is a key stage of our solution. Training you and your team will help ensure the technology is adopted into your workflow.


Need help with Azure Data Analytics Platform?

As an experienced Azure analytics developer and consultant, WCI provides specialized Azure consulting services and has a team of experts ready to help.

Unlike other Azure data analytics consultants in our space, our team’s capacity to create large-scale Azure architecture for cloud data management and business intelligence is unparalleled. Whether you’re looking for Azure data lake analytics, Azure predictive analytics, Azure SQL analytics, Azure streaming analytics, Azure text analytics, or aren’t sure, our experts are prepared to guide you. We have in-depth knowledge of Azure across many industries and technologies, and our tenured experts are here to help your business’s unique needs.

Ready to get started with Azure analytics? So are we.

Azure Data Warehousing FAQs

Does WCI only do Azure data warehouse consulting or do you also have developers?

We do Azure data warehouse consulting and also have developers.

What solutions do Azure data warehouses support?

Azure data warehouse solutions have support for distributed processing frameworks, machine learning and predictive analytics, real-time analytics, and petabyte-scale warehouses.

Why should I choose Azure for my data warehousing needs?

Using Azure for your data warehousing offers many benefits:

  • Trusted & Secure
  • Azure policies, processes, and controls are:
    • Continuously audited
    • Designed with a security-in-layers approach
    • Able to comply with more than 20 regulations
  • Available Right Away
    • Transfer your data easily
    • No hardware procurement/deployment
    • Training and tutorial resources are available
  • Broad & Deep Capabilities
    • Over 50 services to pick from
    • Support any workload, regardless of scale
    • Compatible with six relational DB engines and NoSQL

What Azure data warehouse services does WCI provide?

We offer a variety of services, including planning, creating/architecting, migrating to, and managing your Azure data warehouse. Our experienced Azure consultants and developers are ready to help you.

Platform Case Studies

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Are You Ready To Get Started?

As an experienced Azure consultant and developer, WCI offers specialized Azure consulting services and has a team of experienced and tenured professionals ready to help your business. If you’re prepared for application migration to Azure cloud or Azure lift and shift migration, we would love to help.