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Azure: Big Data

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Azure Big Data Consultants

Accelerate data-driven innovation through Azure Big Data Solutions


WCI Azure Data Big Data Partnerships

Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform providing a broad range of secure, cost-effective, high-performance cloud services that help you collect, store, process, and analyze Big Data workloads.

With Azure big data consulting services from WCI, you have access to tools that can help you use your data to improve your customer experience, drive new business insights, and increase operational efficiency.

Azure’s big data solutions support distributed processing frameworks and architecture, predictive analytics, machine learning, real-time analytics, and petabyte-scale data warehouses. And, unlike on-premise approaches, there’s no need to procure, deploy, and manage hardware. Organizations that are looking to get more out of their data practice can rely on WCI as their trusted Azure Big Data advisors.

Azure Big Data Analytics Services

We know both big data and business intelligence.

Turn your organization’s data into valuable information with Microsoft Azure. You can transform archived, current, or future application data into an asset to help your business. Azure Big Data solutions provide tools that let your teams be more productive, so it’s easier to try new things and roll-out projects sooner.

Azure Big Data Analytics

Why Choose Azure For Big Data?

Choose a data warehouse when you need to turn massive amounts of data from operational systems into a format that is easy to understand. Azure’s data warehouses are optimized for reading access, generating reports fast using the source transaction system for reporting. Suppose your team needs help managing large amounts of data and generating custom reports. In that case, WCI’s Azure Big Data solutions can seamlessly take your business from chaos and confusion to an organized machine. 

✓ Trusted & Secure

Azure policies, processes, and controls are:

  • Designed with a security-in-layers approach
  • Capable of complying with more than 20 regulations
  • Continuously audited

✓ Immediately Available

  • No hardware procurement/deployment
  • Easily transfer your data
  • Training and tutorials available


✓ Broad & Deep Capabilities

  • Over 50 services to pick from
  • Compatible with 6 relational DB engines and NoSQL
  • Support any workload, regardless of scale

How It Works

Microsoft describes Azure’s big data services this way: “Azure includes many services that can be used in a big data architecture. They fall roughly into two categories:

  1. Managed services, including Azure Data Lake Store, Azure Data Lake Analytics, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Event Hub, Azure IoT Hub, and Azure Data Factory.
  2. Open-source technologies based on the Apache Hadoop platform, including HDFS, HBase, Hive, Pig, Spark, Storm, Oozie, Sqoop, and Kafka. These technologies are available on Azure in the Azure HDInsight service.

These options are not mutually exclusive, and many solutions combine open-source technologies with Azure services.”

Microsoft Azure Big Data Consulting Services

Helping you grow with big data on Microsoft Azure.

As an experienced Azure consultant and developer, WCI provides specialized Azure big data services and has a team of experts ready to help. By outsourcing your big data needs to us, we can save you valuable time and put in place the tools and programs you need to become more visible, gather better data, and improve overall efficiencies and stability. No more headaches or lengthy phone calls on hold with support teams.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

Big Data on Azure FAQs

  • Does Azure provide big data analytics, in addition to storing the data?

    It does! Some of the most popular tools are available through Azure.


  • Does WCI only do Azure big data consulting or do you also implement and manage it?

    We offer both! You can speak with us and we will help you determine what makes the most sense for your organization and goals.

  • Why choose Azure for big data?

    Some reasons to choose Azure for big data are:

    • It is a trusted and secure platform
      • Azure’s big data policies, controls and processes are:
      • Able to comply with over 20 regulations
      • Designed with a security-in-layers approach
      • Audited regularly
    • Immediately Available
      • Transfer over your data with ease
      • Access training and tutorials
      • No hardware deployment/ procurement
    • Broad and Deep Capabilities
      • Compatibility with six relational NoSQL and DB engines
      • More than 50 services to choose from
      • Support all workloads, regardless of scale

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