A Major Domestic Foodservice Distributor

The Client

A major domestic foodservice distributor and parent to an existing WCI client.

The Challenge

Compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act motivated this company to tighten controls on sensitive company data. Consequently, their distribution centers throughout North America needed training in the use of new reporting tools. Staff would have to be prepared both in their usage and in what data could be accessed.

What WCI Did

We helped the company transition to a system that no longer allowed free and complete access to data.

We developed custom training materials and exercises using corporate data to provide a relevant and meaningful training course.

Traveling to regional distribution centers, we conducted three-day training courses on the use of enterprise reporting tools and existing company data sources.

We aided stakeholder departments in understanding their access to data through the new Business Intelligence system. Staff training ensured that our stakeholders understand both their data and their reports.

Scope of Solution

Over the course of a month, WCI team members worked to develop training materials. The training itself was delivered during a 60 day window. Their work served the client's Sales, Inventory Management, Logistics and Finance departments.

Dashboard, Business Intelligence and reporting technologies used for training and creation of materials.

The Result

We successfully completed our two-pronged mission:

  • To reassure the staff of their access to the data they needed
  • To build their trust in the reliability of that data

WCI's training covered every region in two rounds of classes. Surveys of the course's effectiveness received extremely positive feedback.

System adoption was successful as a result of this communication process.

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