Cloud Services

Cloud Services


Depending on whether your business is well established and comes with a history of data or a brand new business ready to grow, there’s a cloud strategy unique to your organization. WCI will work with you to first outline the goals that you have when it comes to cloud services and develop the best path of action. Working together with our in house resources and your team, we’ll find the best cloud strategy that meets your business needs.


We know it can be daunting to even begin to incorporate cloud services into your business, but WCI has your back. Through detailed planning and evaluation of best and worst case scenarios, we’ll narrow it down to a roadmap that fits your timeline as well as your needs. Cloud doesn’t have to be an intimidating step to take. WCI has experience with all sorts of sizes and industries of business and we know how to work with your resources to achieve the goals your business has.

General Management (Managed Cloud Services)

The cloud can be complicated and we’re here to work with your internal teams to make sure your cloud strategy succeeds. WCI has experience working with various partners in the cloud realm and we’ll find a way to manage your cloud infrastructure however and wherever your business needs help.