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Yellowfin Consulting

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Yellowfin is a business intelligence platform that provides reporting from data stored in relational databases, multi-dimensional cubes or in-memory analytical databases.

Yellowfin provides:

  • Rich Visualizations – Gather insight into your business through interactive dashboards from Yellowfin
  • Reporting Collaboration – Share and work together on reports and analysis of company data
  • Data Discovery – Easily explore and visualize data
  • Enhanced Reporting – Stay on top of trends with proactive alerts, broadcasts, and subscriptions
  • Elevated Management – Streamline content requests and connect business users with data experts
  • Storyboard – Tell compelling stories about your data by delivering engaging presentations about your data
  • Governed Platform – Delivers all the functionality needed in a single- integrated platform, thus providing IT with easily accessible governance features to enforce company-wide security
  • Data Source Compatibility – Connect to all of the unique data sources your company has, whether it’s spreadsheets, databases, web applications or another source, Yellowfin can access your important data in multiple ways
  • Mobile Ready – Access on any web-enabled mobile device so decisions can be made on the go

Yellowfin’s mission is to build intelligent software that’s intuitive and easy to use while responding quickly to client reporting and analysis needs. Contact WCI in the form below to talk about your organization’s Yellowfin consulting needs.

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WCI offers specialized Yellowfin consulting services and has a team of experts ready to help.

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