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SAP BusinessObjects Audit

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SAP BusinessObjects Auditing

Through this extensive on-site SAP BOBJ audit, you can rest assured that you’re:

  • Getting the most out of BOBJ deployments
  • Avoiding impactful outages

This audit is extremely beneficial for those that have established SAP BusinessObjects (BOBJ or SAP BO) as their reporting and data movement platform. In some cases, other data movement solutions may be interacting with SAP Business Objects, such as Informatica.

Benefit from our experience. You’ll receive the real-world knowledge that comes from multiple deployments that we’ve handled for various clients.

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What To Expect in the BusinessObjects Audit

WCI resources will come on-site to complete a thorough run-through of the existing SAP Business Objects installation. Because of WCI’s close relationship with SAP, we’ll also advise you on new features/products and how these solutions should fit into their short-, mid-, and long-term deployment plans.

What Will Be Audited

Some of the elements that will be audited by WCI:

  • SAP Licensing Review
  • Server Review (RAM/Disk/OS/Page Files)
  • BOE Deployment Architecture
  • Security Model Update
  • Report Instance Review
  • Backup Strategy Review
  • Promotion and Life cycle Process Review
  • Administration and End User Training Review
  • Universe Design
  • Dashboard Strategy
  • Mobile Strategy
  • SAP Product Roadmap
  • And more…

SAP BusinessObjects Audit Report

Scoring the Assessment

During the review, findings about the SAP BO installation will be documented and scored based on risk and usage. These findings will be ranked into three categories:

  1. Risk
  2. Monitor
  3. Functioning as intended
Recommendations & Next-Steps

The resulting report will include recommendations and a suggested approach to improve rankings of individual items. You’ll also receive a written summary of recommended immediate and future next-steps.

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Why WCI Consulting?


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Get Started or Ask Questions

Contact us below to get more information about the SAP Business Objects Audit.

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