Big Data Consulting

Are You Facing Big Data Issues? Chances Are You Could Have a Data Problem

Ask yourself:

Are you amassing large volumes of data rapidly?
Is unstructured data being collected without actually being analyzed?
Big Data is the latest buzzword that’s been turning heads in the industry. It has companies wondering if they do indeed have a “big data” problem. Is it really a new way to think and approach data? Yes and no.

If your enterprise systems can’t keep up and have a difficult time analyzing the massive amounts of data collected from a variety of sources you probably have a big data problem. But the solutions to this predicament are varied. Big data consulting from WCI focuses on what you truly need rather than what’s trendy in the market.

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What Is Your Big Data Strategy?

Successfully maneuvering a big data strategy will enable your business to tap into the pools of collected data so opportunities for boosting innovation and improving operations can be realized.

WCI has been in the data industry since 1998 and knows how to leverage these large volumes of data (from internal and third parties) and since WCI is vendor agnostic our solution will be tailored to your business needs as opposed to pushing the latest fad product.

Our big data services include:

Data Assessment and Planning

Identify the kinds of architecture modifications that are needed to fully take advantage of both big data analysis as well as traditional business intelligence.


Big Data Project Management

Once we’ve established what is necessary a road map will be created for implementing proper big data infrastructure.


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