A Century-Old Investment Management Firm

A Century-Old Investment Management Firm

The Client

A household-name company over 100 years old. An independent global investment management firm and mutual fund manager.

The Challenge

Initially, the company came to WCI to develop a corporate dashboard suite. The purpose was to track and get more visibility on:

  • Investor deferral rates
  • Participation rates (to grade how successful a retirement plan is)
  • Participation count (to trend population changes)
  • Average rates of return
  • Distributions
  • Auto-enrollment participation
  • Auto-increase participation

Our successful dashboard solution earned WCI a slot in the client's international Preferred Vendor Bid against nine other companies. We were subsequently awarded the business and the opportunity to tackle a bigger problem.

Our client's IT organization was not always able to keep up with the demands of the business. Many departments began hiring outside consultants on an individual basis. These disconnected systems lacked a cohesive support mechanism. As a result, the company had little control over content, quality and maintainability.

A new challenge was issued, with an entirely new list of goals:

  • A simplified vendor set
  • To assure a higher degree of consistency and quality
  • More timely delivery of projects
  • Happier and more well-informed departments among their 12 business owners

The client wanted not an order taker, but an advisor to assist in evaluating new technologies and products that compliment the BI and corporate strategy.

What WCI Did

First, our successful rollout of corporate dashboards equipped them with a clear view of key performance indicators, as reflected inconsistent data

Next, we worked with the client to develop an effective way of delivering projects that fulfill each department's needs on time.

Scope of Solution

For this client, we deploy consultants on as many as 6 projects at any given time.

Technologies in use include ETL and integration tools, Oracle, SQL Server 2000 and 2005, and Citrix. Also utilized are Dashboard, Business Intelligence and reporting technologies.

The Results

WCI provided this client with a cost-effective solution to its diverse and numerous Business Intelligence project needs and have become their primary advisor on BI strategy and product evaluation.

We have also helped them fill gaps in their ability to support their many business groups and respective departments.

Client Relationship Managers are now able to view actionable demographics within their new executive dashboard. For instance, they can analyze trends over several years for participation rates by age groups, company tenures, asset sizes and more. This information makes possible investment plans that are better suited to their customers.

WCI has also engineered specific processes for new projects, upgrades/migrations, and enhancement requests. In general, each has its own initiation, evaluation, post evaluation, and refinement phases, as well as the associated documentation and review work sessions.

WCI has even instituted a communication model between their client's resources and WCI's own customer relationship management and project manager staffs, to be used depending on whether a given request is service or project level work.

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