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WCI Data Solutions has become known for our experienced and professional consultants. That's why we decided to spread the knowledge and hold bi-monthly webinars that cover a variety of topics important to our clients. Our webinars are educational Business Objects tutorial videos and are viewed by people all over the world.

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From how-to's on creating dashboards in Business Objects to tips & tricks on building universes, we're constantly adding topics to our list. Check back often to see what's new!

BusinessObjects 4.1 Upgrade Demos

Desk Intelligence (DeskI)
Central Management Console (CMC)
Upgrade Management Tool (UMT)
Web Intelligence (WebI)
Mobile (MOBI)
Crystal Reports
Dashboard Designer
Design Studio
Information Design Tool

BusinessObjects 4.2 Upgrade Demos

SAP BusinessObjects 4.2 Upgrade Video Series
Upgrade Manager - What's New in SAP BusinessObjects 4.2
Administrators Cockpit - SAP BusinessObjects 4.2 (Upgrade)
GUIDE: BI Administrators' Cockpit (With Screenshots)
Ad hoc Queries and Drill Down in Webi
BI Commentary in Webi
Folding and Unfolding - Webi
Freehand SQL in Webi
Geographical Mapping in Webi
Input Controls in Webi 4.2
Merge Dimensions in Webi
Notification Alerts in the CMC
Promotions Manager - What's New
Publication Delivery Rules in Webi
Query Stripping in Webi
Report Recovery Within The Recycle Bin
Shared Elements in Webi
Tree and Heat Maps in Webi

Business Intelligence and Analytics

APOS Instance Manager - Multiple Report Changes
Creating and Viewing SAP BusinessObjects Contexts in IDT (Information Design Tool)
Navigation of the Instance Manager in CMC - SAP BusinessObjects
Webi Folding and Unfolding - Tutorial in SAP BusinessObjects Web intelligence 
What's New 4.1 - Session Management Enhancement in Business Objects 4.1 SP3
IDT Tutorial with Tips & Tricks - BOBJ 4.0 
LCM Job Promotion in BOBJ 3.1 Tutorial
Freezing Rows in Webi - New Functionality BOBJ Webi 4.1
Input Controls in WebI
Crystal Reports Drill Down
SAP Business Objects Live Office
SAP Business Objects Explorer - Filters & Sharing
SAP Business Objects WebI - Input Controls, Ad hoc Queries & Drilling Down
SAP Business Objects BI Launchpad Overview
SAP Business Objects Dashboard Designer Demo
Merge Dimensions in Web Intelligence (Webi)
Adaptive Processing Server Scaling in SAP BusinessObjects
Webi User Response Function Tutorial for SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence
The Most Common Questions in Business Intelligence: Part 1 & 2 of 3
SAP Business Objects Best Practices Part 2
SAP Business Objects Best Practices Part 1
Mapping With Dashboard
A Guide to Widgets for SAP Business Objects
Innovative Use of Input Controls in Web Intelligence 4.0
Charting Capabilities in SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 
New Visualizations of SAP BusinessObjects 4.0
BusinessObjects 4.0 Universe: An Insiders Guide 
Dashboards In Business Objects: A How-To Guide
Web Intelligence Reports: Insight to your Business and Industry 
Auditing your BusinessObjects Usage 
Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices for the BusinessObjects Universe 
How to Animate Business Intelligence Dashboards
Linking to Create an Interactive Dashboard
Webi 4.0 vs 3.1 – Creating a New Web Intelligence Document

Data Management

Dashboards Disasters: What makes a good Dashboard?
SAP Data Services Overview & Introduction
SAP Visual Intelligence: An Introduction
SAP Business Objects Explorer: A How To Guide
Can you Update a Database with Webi?
Creating and Viewing SAP BusinessObjects Contexts in IDT (Information Design Tool)
Configuring SSL for Tomcat - A 5 Step Guide
Creating a Job in SAP Data Services
Creating a DataStore in SAP Data Services
Creating a Flat File in SAP Data Services
Real Time Jobs for SAP BusinessObjects
Increase Performance through Change Data Capture and Data Services
How to get Multiple Data Sources into a 4.0 Universe 
Security for Business Intelligence
How to Fix WebI Error WIS 00501 ("Universe not found")

When to Create a Data Warehouse, Data Mart and a Reporting Database? (DW/DM/RDB)
What is a Data Warehouse, Data Mart and a Reporting Database? (DW/DM/RDB)
How to Create a Data Warehouse, Data Mart and a Reporting Database? (DW/DM/RDB)
Why Create a Data Warehouse, Data Mart and a Reporting Database? (DW/DM/RDB)

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