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BI Administrators Cockpit – SAP BusinessObjects 4.2 (New Feature)

BusinessObjects 4.2 New feature: BI Administrators’ Cockpit

BI Administrators’ Cockpit is a new application added in the Central Management Console (CMC) in BI Platform 4.2. The cockpit enables an administrator to collect basic data about the Business Objects BI 4.2 system. It essentially means deriving business intelligence from within the data in your business intelligence environment. With BI Administrators’ Cockpit, you can obtain high-level information about Servers, Scheduled Jobs, Content Usage, and Applications.

After logging in the CMC, select BI Administrators Cockpit


The BI Administrators’ Cockpit provides a high level dashboard view of the BOBJ 4.2 environment.  By selecting the Servers quadrant, the status and health of all BO servers in the BOBJ environment are displayed.



Select the Scheduled Jobs quadrant to view Failed, Success, or Running jobs.



Select the Content Usage quadrant to drill down and view more detailed content metrics.

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Select Active ContentInactive Content, or Statistics tabs to view detailed report and universe content metrics like report run time and usage count.



Select the Statistics tab to view universes and folders with the most content.



Next, select the Application quadrant.



The Application area displays All Applications, or the Top Applications used by users.

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