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Data Lake Consulting & Development Firm

Secure, centralized, scalable data hub solutions with cost-saving advantages

Data Lake Development: A Modern Data Architecture Problem

Sometimes it feels like we need to “reinvent” our data warehouse or data management systems every time we add a new source.

But, with the increasing demand for more information, BI systems will only continue to add more streams and connections.

WCI Data Lake Solution:
Future-Proofed & Functional 

Our data lake (or data hub) gives you more power to gain deeper business insight than traditional data silos.

This scalable data lake solution makes data more accessible to a broader set tools and services.

WCI’s data lake architecture gives you the ability to dynamically collect data from a diverse set of sources, and then format it for strategic access to business-critical integrations.

Data Lake Solutions - Data Lake Vendor

WCI Data Lake Management, Development, Consulting

Enterprise data lake architecture built on the Hadoop framework

Scalable, centralized, secure data storage

Data Lakes are a massively scalable, secure blob storage platform that provides the a way to centralize data from business systems, vendors, and other third-party sources into one common location. This decouples your data from its source, while allowing you to “harvest” data through simplified and standardized processes.

Formatting for flexibility and functionality

Just about any data or file type can flow into a data lake. But once there, your data can be stored in a variety of formats. In the simplest form, elements can be stored in CSV (Comma Delimited Files) format or JSON. Data sets may also be processed and stored in a compressed columnar format to aid in query and ingestion to later steps.

Low monthly costs, yet durable solutions

Our data lake approach is built on the massively durable, scalable open-sourced Hadoop Framework. For you, that means relatively low monthly costs compared to on-premise infrastructure with expensive licensing and other overhead costs.

More Cost Savings Advantages

Pay-as-You-Grow Advantage

The scalability of our data lake architecture built on cloud-based platforms like AWS and Azure, means that you can take advantage of the pay-as-you-go (or grow) payment models. You’ll only pay for what you need, when you need it — giving you a flexible solution that will meet your dynamic business needs.

Added Accounting Advantages

Moving to cloud-based data storage with monthly or annual payment terms means you can move your IT costs from capital expenses to operating expenses.

What’s the next step?

On-site Discovery Session

Meet with one of our Senior Solutions Architects to talk about your ideas or challenges, and start the journey of discovering insight into your data.

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Proposed Solutions

After the session, we’ll review, summarize, and provide a comprehensive list of appropriate solutions.

Get Started with Smarter Data

Upon agreement of scope and approved solution, WCI and your team will get to work developing a solution that achieves your objectives.  

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