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We've been in business intelligence consulting for 16 years now and we've seen it time and time again where the analytics team gets underused since they're answering how-to questions rather than exploring data and creating reports. All of this support adds up and impacts your bottom line. It's especially frustrating because chances are the issues have come up before elsewhere, so the solution already exists.

Cut Your IT Spending Through Virtual Support

After several how-to SOWs, we decided to do something about this widespread industry hurdle. Our solution is called Instant Access and it's incredibly simple to use. Type in a question and our Dallas based BI experts provide you with an answer. With Instant Access there's no googling, no forum searching, no wasting time that's better spent elsewhere. Contact us to schedule a discovery session  Instant Access is your BI teams safety net. Free up time for your analytics experts to create rather than resolve basic issues. [youtube height="350" width="630"][/youtube] Instant Access from WCI Consulting provides:
  • Virtual resolutions for how-to questions
  • Administrative support for your BusinessObjects system
  • Mission critical support
  • Data Services support, including pro-active job execution monitoring
  • Upgrade assistance
  • Training
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