Web Intelligence Reports: Insight to your Business and Industry

Business Objects Webi Reports Tutorial

Web Intelligence Reports (Webi) help you achieve what you strive for in your overall Business Intelligence Strategy.

With SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, both self-service access to data and intuitive information analysis are available in one product – helping your users turn business insights into effective decisions. With a few mouse clicks, users create a query from scratch, format the retrieved information, and easily analyze it to understand underlying trends and root causes. And if they don't require the full power of query capabilities, users can simply explore information in existing reports – formatting and interacting with data to meet specific needs.

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With SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, you can make better decisions in less time by turning information into actionable insight at the speed of thought. SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence is built on our proven, mature business intelligence (BI) platform ensuring that your deployment meets performance demands and supports standardization efforts.

From improving corporate decision making to sharing information with customers, suppliers, and partners, Web Intelligence empowers your users with self-service information access and interactivity, while delivering:

  • Powerful, online and offline ad hoc query and reporting
  • Integrated and trusted analysis for all users
  • A tool built upon a complete, trusted, and agile BI platform

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