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SAP Business Objects Consulting

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SAP BusinessObjects & SAP Data Services

WCI offers extensive experience with BusinessObjects (BOBJ). Our consultants have worked with companies around North America to successfully implement solutions in a variety of business environments.

SAP BusinessObjects consulting from WCI provides organizations with:

  • ✓ A full set of tools to optimize business intelligence
  • ✓ Access to a centralized portal
  • ✓ ETL and data cleansing
  • ✓ Predictive dashboards
  • ✓ The capacity to easily mine, analyze and report information from any data source
  • ✓ Variety of reports: Crystal Reports, OLAP, ad hoc
  • ✓ The capability for the solution to grow with a company so the need for disparate systems is removed
  • ✓ A mobile option – SAP BusinessObjects Mobile provides access to analytics through smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices
  • ✓ The ability to be configured for all industries (government, manufacturing, distribution, retail, financial services, nonprofit and more)

SAP Data Services (Data Integrator) Consulting

SAP Data Services (BODS) gives organizations the opportunity to:

  • ✓ Extract, transform, and load (ETL) data in batch or real-time
  • ✓ Ensure data integrity by addressing information trapped in silos and identifying data inconsistencies
  • ✓ Accelerate data integration across platforms through data marts, ODS systems and data warehouses
  • ✓ Identify trends through data analysis
  • ✓ Increase productivity through the single user interface
  • ✓ Define inline complex transformations or custom building functions

Need help with SAP Business Objects Consulting?

WCI offers specialized SAP Business Objects consulting services and & SAP Data Services, with a team of experts ready to help!

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SAP BOBJ Service Offerings

10-Day Rapid Mart & Business Analytics RDS

The fastest Rapid Mart offing in all of North America from WCI promises a 10 business day commitment to getting a solution up and running for a fixed cost that includes travel and expenses. Gain access to already completed dashboards, reports, and ad hoc environments in the SAP BusinessObjects platform. Through this alternative to lengthy and unnecessarily complex BI projects, you can guarantee that you get insight into the data that’s important to your business at a time frame that’s almost too good to be true. Learn more »

SAP Business Objects Upgrade

With over 50 successful client upgrades per year, WCI is familiar with a wide variety of platforms and environments.

Business Objects Online Training

Whether your beginner or advanced, you can learn Business Objects through a series of in-depth video tutorials and overcome any obstacles through our easy to access training. Learn more »

Business Objects Audit

Receive an in-depth look at your systems from experienced WCI consultants. We’ll identify the areas that are doing well and which ones need improvement. Learn more »



SAP Partner of the Year


BusinessObjects Support Certified

  • SAP Support-Certified Partner
  • HANA Authorized Reseller


  • SAP VAR Analytics Council
  • Partner Advisory Council

Need help with SAP Business Objects Consulting?

WCI offers specialized SAP Business Objects consulting services and has a team of experts ready to help.

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SAP Business Objects Consulting & SAP BOBJ Data Services

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