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Microsoft Azure, along with Amazon Web Services,  is one of the top providers of Infrastructure as as Services (IaaS), also known as "the Cloud". Whether you're debating if your business should move your data into the cloud or you're already working with Azure and need strategic help, WCI Consulting will work with you to you achieve your Azure goals. WCI has been working with cloud technology since it's inception and we're familiar with how best to approach migrations so that your business receives the least amount of downtime possible.

Splunk Software consulting from WCI includes:

  • Determining whether your data should be moved to the cloud
  • Designing the architecture and blueprints for how to move your data into the Azure environment
  • Deploying and integrating systems with Azure
  • Managing the Azure environment so that you can leverage the unique strengths that Azure has to offer
  • Ensuring success by managing post project support and training for Azure
  • Creating a disaster recovery plan so you can rest assured that your data will be safe

To learn more about how WCI can help your business with Splunk Software consultingsend us a message today and book an appointment.

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