Tableau Software Consulting

Tableau consulting from WCI provides your business with:

  • Insight into your operations: Find the hidden patterns in your data
  • Interactive visual analysis: Click through dashboards allow you do navigate data in an easy to understand manner
  • Sophisticated dashboards: Drag and drop information to build visually stunning representations of data
  • Ad hoc analysis: Tableau’s Data Engine allows you to analyze millions of rows of data in seconds
  • Faster decision making: Since data is visually represented through VizQL you get feedback as you analyze
  • Comprehensive data: Combine multiple sources of data into one view
  • Ability to easily share information: Export vivid presentations to other applications
  • Real time answers to questions: Changes to data are reflected immediately


Tableau Dashboard Tutorial - Discover how to create a Tableau dashboard from 3 worksheets.

TDWI E-Book - Learn how end users are the driving force of innovation in the BI industry.