MuleSoft Consulting

MuleSoft Consulting

MuleSoft allows developers to quickly and easily connect applications for data exchange. It is a lightweight Java-based services bus (EBS) and make integration of different systems simpler, no matter their technology platform.This includes JMS, Web Services, JDBC, HTTP and more.

MuleSoft is available for deployment anywhere and can integrate in real-time or batch. WCI offers MuleSoft consulting as it sees this universal connectivity as a huge advantage and can help your business integrate systems using this tool.

MuleSoft consulting from WCI includes:

  • MuleSoft ESB implementation - WCI is a certified MuleSoft implementation partner. We help businesses connect their applications through MuleSoft on-premise or in the cloud.
    • Service Hosting - use MuleSoft as a lightweight service container to host reuseable services
    • Mediation of Service - shield services from message formats and protocols, separate business logic from messaging, and enable location-independent service calls
    • Message routing - use MuleSoft to route, filter, aggregate, and resequence messages based on content and rules
    • Data transformation - exchange data across varying formats and transport protocols
  • MuleSoft's AnyPoint Platform implementation - Use the AnyPoint Platform to solve connectivity problems on-premise or in the cloud and resolve issues across SOA, SaaS and APIs
MuleSoft helps companies turn data into digital assets through integration of disparate systems with an easy to understand platform. To learn more about how WCI can help your business with MuleSoft consultingsend us a message today and book an appointment.

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