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Tableau Map Tutorial – Linking to Google Maps from Tableau

Tableau Map Tutorial

One request that we have when building maps for Tableau is how to quickly generate directions to the points identified in the map, so that our clients can get directions to our listings, stores, etc. The version used in this Tableau map tutorial is Tableau 8.2 but the steps are relevant to other versions as well.

The first step is to get the latitude and longitude of your locations and import them into Tableau.  Our map will show four real estate listings:


NOTE: Make sure that your latitude and longitude values are in a number format, so that Tableau can read them as geo-coordinates.

After we import the data, we can simply right click on the Latitude and Longitude fields, and from the context menu choose Geographic Role >> and Latitude or Longitude (whichever is appropriate).

After converting both your Latitude and Longitude to their respective Geographic Roles, simply drag the Longitude into the Columns and the Latitude into the Rows shelves and choose the symbol map from the Show Me drawer. In the below map we have also added the Rental Amount to the Color shelf.



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Finally, we want to create our link to google maps. Select the Worksheet Menu Option and on the context menu choose the Actions… item. On the next screen choose Add Action > URL…


The next screen is where you build the link:


Name: The name that you want to assign to the Action
Run Action On: Choose Select or Menu, depending on how you want the user to interact with the map
URL: Use this URL Base –  http://maps.google.com/maps/?daddr= and use the arrow next to the field to add your Latitude field and Longitude field (separated by a comma).

Click Ok.

Finally, click on any one of your points and you should open up a web browser that shows your point as the destination address in Google Maps.

NOTE: If you know where you want to start the directions from (i.e. a home office), you can also add the parameter &saddr= to the web link.

Example: http://maps.google.com/maps/?daddr=,&saddr=,

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