Input Controls in WebI

Piggybacking Data Filters with Input Controls in WebI

We recently received a question about Input Controls in WebI, so we thought we'd share our response as there must be others with the same concerns!


Suppose I wanted to add an additional level to my filtering when using the Input Control function. For example, if I would like to see data pertaining to Chicago, I would select Illinois in the first entry field, then the only options on the next level would be cities in Illinois. From here I would obviously select Chicago. 

Currently, I can only pull in a list of every city in the United States as a secondary filter. Is there anyway to piggyback the city filter on the state filter? 


Option 1

Input Controls cannot be piggy-backed in the manner that you are describing.  You can use the filter bar to perform this task, the filters will affect each other in a way that input controls do not.

Figure 1-1
Input Controls Tutorial 1

Figure 1-2

Input Controls Tutorial 2

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Option 2

The other option is to use the linking feature in WebI 4.x to filter your data down and this will also reduce the options in a hierarchical manner in the manner that you are describing (i.e. when you click on Illinois in a table/graph only those cities will appear in another table/graph).

Figure 2-1

Input Controls Tutorial 3

Figure 2-2

Input Controls Tutorial 4
For more information, check out the video on Innovative Use of Input Controls in WebI: Tutorial

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