Freezing Rows in Webi – New Functionality BOBJ Webi 4.1

Freezing Rows and Columns in Webi 

SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence (WebI)


The customer was previously using Excel for reporting and took advantage of freezing the rows and columns to review the data with the headers and in reviewing columns side by side.


Starting with SAP Business Objects 4.1, users now have the ability for freezing rows and columns in Webi to allow for data to be viewed with headers or with other columns.

This example shows a crosstab report:

Please note two items one the columns and rows run off of the screen and require scrolling, and second the report is in Read mode.

Notice if I scroll in the report to the bottom right that I lose my headers and for columns and rows. This prevents me from knowing what data goes with what header.

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To solve this, we now have a Freeze option. In this scenario we will freeze both the rows and the columns, First, select the header section then you can select Freeze at the top and select both Rows and Columns.

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Now you will notice that both the first column and the header rows are frozen and I have the ability to scroll to the bottom right corner with those rows and columns still on the screen.

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