Creating a Flat File in SAP Data Services

How to Create a Flat File in SAP Data Services - Tutorial Video

Watch the video to discover how to create a flat file in SAP Data Services.

Watch the video to learn about:

  • Creating a CSV file format
  • Tips for naming conventions of flat files
  • How to automatically name files and get rid of the first row header
  • Tips for using delimiters
  • Navigating error handling
  • How to use a flat file for a source or a target

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Step-by-Step Guide for Flat File in Data Services Creation

If you need to create a flat file to manage information you can follow these steps for flat file creation to ensure your success.

  1. Create a New Flat File Format
  2. Define General Properties
  3. Define File and File Location
  4. Define Delimeter Properties
  5. Define Input/Output Properties including column definitions
  6. Define Error Handling
  7. Save and Close

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