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Data Management &
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Training doesn’t have to be a battle. It can be a hassle-free experience where content is tailored to your business’s environment, thus increasing retention and encouraging familiarity with the tool set. WCI Data Solutions provides experienced on-site and online training for business intelligence (BI)data managementbig data, and data strategy.

Training At Wci Consulting

Onsite Training

WCI has been in business since 1998 and knows how to spread our wealth of knowledge in an organized manner that’s tailored to your business. We begin by evaluating what onsite training needs your organization has for business intelligence and data management and structure our course from there. By tailoring the information to your organization’s environment, retention rate is increased and your employees get a better understanding of how the software functions.

WCI Data Solutions has on-site training courses all the way from complete beginner, to advanced, to strategy and planning. We know every company’s needs are different and adhere to your goals when we are creating the training program. Our skilled team of consultants has dealt with various industries and knows how to tailor each training session to your goals. Reach out to WCI today so get the conversation about training started.

Training At Wci Consulting

Online Training

WCI’s business intelligence online training is available whenever and wherever you need it. Through a hassle-free online platform our in-depth training sessions and training videos will guide you through the core elements of you BI software system. If further questions arise, the flexibility of our service allows you to ask our knowledgeable in-house consultants whatever you need to know about business intelligence and analytics.

As a result of instant resolutions to issues that come up during training, end users are able to gain confidence and become power users faster than through the average in-class training models. Retention of complex subjects is increased when the roadblocks to learning are removed.

Training At Wci Consulting

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“WCI has done such good work for us. Their data and business intelligence knowledge is extensive and their integrity and ethics just speak volumes. They’re just very easy and excellent to work with.”

– VP of IT, Global Manufacturing Company