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AWS Data Management

AWS Data Management

Expert AWS cloud data management services for businesses


Why AWS for Cloud Management?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the #1 Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud provider in the world. Whether you are debating if your business is a fit for cloud deployment on AWS or if you’re looking for strategic advice, WCI’s AWS experts are the right choice. Receive expert management assistance where it matters, and experience all that AWS Virtual Public Cloud offers for your organization. 

  • Streamline your resources. 
  • Expand your infrastructure. 
  • Gain built-in security and compliance.
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Capabilities that are too confusing to utilize? We’ve got your back. 

While architecture design, security, and development operations of “the Cloud” are all strengths of this powerful tool, understanding how to capitalize on them can be daunting and can distract from your core business focus. 

Call in the experts who work day and night in AWS tools to save your team the time investment and learning curve they may be experiencing. No more headaches trying to manage your data or finding a team member to attempt to. 

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Advantages You Can See From Day 1

WCI will streamline the process of getting started with AWS and provides guidance based on our years of experience with the AWS cloud. WCI helps you by….

  • Reducing your operating costs
  • Responding rapidly to cloud issues 24×7
  • Maximizing your investments

Using our Managed AWS Service means you can focus on revenue-generating tasks and rely on our expert team to manage your infrastructure for you. 

Trusted Over 20 Years

The right business intelligence solution should always deliver more than you expect. So should your business intelligence and data management consulting partner. At WCI Consulting, we’ve done just that since 1998.

WCI has also been working with cloud technology since its inception, and we’re familiar with how best to approach migrations to AWS so that your business receives the least amount of downtime possible. 

Mitigate risks.

Improve tools and automations.

Connect multiple environments with ease

The Power of Public Cloud AWS

With the AWS cloud management platform, your business capabilities are only just beginning. AWS’s databases seamlessly integrate with analytics, business intelligence solutions, DevOps tools, and more. 

  1. Innovate faster. 
  2. Work smarter. 
  3. Seamlessly integrates with other tools you’re already utilizing.
  4. The list goes on. 
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What’s the next step?

Discovery Session

Meet with one of our Senior Solutions Architects to talk about your ideas or challenges, and start the journey of discovering insight into your data. Virtually or we’ll come to you!

Proposed Solutions

After the session, we’ll review, summarize, and provide a comprehensive list of appropriate solutions for your unique situation.

Get Started with Smarter Data

Upon agreement of scope and approved solution, WCI and your team will get to work developing a solution that achieves your objectives.

Helping you grow through AWS Cloud Management

As an experienced AWS management consulting developer, WCI offers specialized AWS consulting services and has a team of experts ready to help. And don’t worry. While we help you collect and manage your data, you still own it all.


Are you ready to take the next step in your business?