Business Objects Upgrade Assessment

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Book a Business Objects Upgrade Assessment

WCI Consulting is providing businesses with a complimentary evaluation of the current SAP Business Objects environment and the steps necessary to upgrade to the latest version. All you need to do is provide the background resources and WCI will provide the services of an experienced BI Architect for a half-day session with the team.

Spend  ½ Day With Someone Who Knows Upgrades

When our BI Expert meets with you we will:

  • Demo the new version of SAP Business Objects, focusing on the areas that most interest you
  • Asses your requirements and how they align with the latest version
  • Map out the steps necessary for a successful upgrade
  • Provide you with a project estimate

You’ve got nothing to lose so why not reach out to us and set up an appointment by filling out the form below.

SAP Business Objects

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