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Azure Discovery Meeting

No cost. No slides. No marketing shtick. No canned pitches.

Fill out the form below to schedule the discussion about how your business can benefit from a free onsite architect for a half-day session. This kind of engagement is often billed in the industry at $3-5k, so take advantage of this promotional offer!

Spend 1/2 Day With Someone Who Knows Azure

WCI Data Solutions is offering a you the chance to spend a half-day with one of our veteran Data Architects. WCI will provide the services of a Data Architect for a free half-day whiteboard session with the team. All you need to do is provide the resources responsible for getting data to decision makers.

We’ll perform a data management evaluation session that focuses on what you’re interested in and you’ll reap the benefits of an expert’s outlook on taking control of data.

This will not be a canned agenda. It will be about your environment, your struggles, and your questions. 

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