Our Success

Proven Products that Disrupt the Market and are Difficult for Competitors to Replicate

Working with large enterprises to create an innovative software product is what we do best. We live in a world where corporations become bogged down inherently by their structure when it comes to innovation. The desire is there, but the resources and the ability to successfully maneuver the bureaucratic requirements is not. This is where Data Ventures shines.

Our latest projects have included catering to the elusive millennial group. Although the opportunity is there, we’re finding corporations don’t quite know how to market and connect with this large group of individuals that is growing in spending power. Millennials are those that were born between 1980 and 2000 and grew up with technology, thus they have a different interaction with it than any of the generations before.

We have achieved success in finding the right product for this group by remaining autonomous, agile and dynamic in everything that we do.

Our Process Works Because Data Ventures:

  • is fluid, where corporations are structured
  • has the resources in house for all facets of growing ideas into products, including research, prototyping and testing
  • has a start up thought process
  • works by employing a modified lean start up methodology
  • has roots in the quick-paced venture capital world of Silicon Valley
  • has a history of creating over 20 successful ventures