WCI Data Ventures

Connecting the Right People to Make the Seemingly Impossible, Possible

WCI Data Venture’s purpose is to fill a significant gap in corporate data innovation. Our focus is to bring your organization’s creative concepts from ideation to reality.  Our core team has over 50 yrs combined experience with software start-ups in the industry, including numerous company launches and successful exits.

Data Venture works in an agile environment that doesn’t get constrained by corporate bureaucracy. We can be nimble like a startup but also have the benefit of not being restricted by traditional startup overhead like hiring and market validation. Our goal is to help your ideas become lucratives solutions.

Creating Disruptive Solutions in a Stagnant Market

We help take an organization’s creative software concepts from ideation to product, through a modified lean startup methodology that includes:

  • problem re-definition
  • product strategy formulation
  • hypothesis testing & validation
  • target segment validation
  • iterative prototyping
  • technology exploration
  • product build execution

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